Sunday, May 28, 2017

Boot Sale - Blakemere

More bargains from the boot sale at Blakemere this morning. Cloudy but the rain held off. Hazel got a nice tin sandwich box, hooks, a circle maker, notebook, box files etc. I got some DVD's including Bring Me The Head Of Alfred Garcia, Went The Day Well. Spindle of assorted blank DVD's CD's, low energy light bulbs and plastic ray gun.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Rainy Walk

Rather soggy walk to the organic farm shop and cafe this lunch time. The rain just got heavier and heavier and I got wetter and wetter. To make things worse the cafe seems to have undergone some sort of transformation and become more meaty and more expensive. The soup of the day was chick pea and butter bean - yuk! So we came home for fakey bacon and scrambled egg sandwich! Which cost us about a quid instead of the £15. More money for Archie's MA fund. Lots of traffic down the lane and some massive 4 by 4's going too fast round those bends. Lucklily we survived and managed to get home with all our limbs intact. I had to change my clothes though as I was soaked to the skin. Hazel cleverly remembered to take a brolly.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

3 Boot sales

Bumper crop of boot sales today with one at Verdin Park, another at Antrobus Village Hall and further bargains at Wincham Primary School. Hazel got most of the bargains which you can see below - brass door plates, a Peter Pan lifter, bean slicer, clamps ( Archie got these ) Rattle Snake Eggs ( tee hee) and lots of plants etc. I didn't get anything despite looking through many boxes of records, books, CD's and DVD's. Hazel gave me a tiny tin train wagon she's found as a consellation prize. Then round to Granma and Audrey's to read the papers and Archie planted a Lupin.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Boot Sale In Hartford

It was a sunny morning on Sunday so we headed to Hartford for the boot sale in the college car park. I had a bad cold so wasn't really in a bargain hunting mood. In fact, after one circuit of the stalls I was ready to go home again and curl up in front of the TV and vegetate and drink lemon and honey drinks. Hazel was OK at that time ( but since caught my cold ) and found lots of bargains including some battered toffee and biscuit tins, a silver propelling pencil, lots of plants and other stuff too numerous to remember! Archie was in Scotland looking at Glasgow art school ( much of which is still in a bad way after the terrible fire ) so missed the sale. Hazel wanted to go and visit the bluebell wood again but I really just wanted to go home. There's always next weekend.

Monday, April 24, 2017


Nice walk around the bluebells at Marbury Woods yesterday after a great boot sale at Whitegate. The sun came out which made it extra special as always. We look forward to this time of year so much. The smell of the trees and wild garlic the chirping of the birds and the amusing dogs frolicsome in the nearby stream. Got some bargains at the boot sale too - a sound bar that works quite well for the TV that isn't so good with those bass notes. Hazel got a set of old 30's Handicraft books with some great illustrations. The woman she bought them from (£3) said they were bound for the tip if she didn't sell them. Has she not heard of charity shops?! Also some other bits and bobs and plants of course - a bootful of bootiful plants. Archie got some fixings and screws etc. for his shed.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Vintage Family Photos

My sitser Barb found some great old family photos in her album this week which Ive had to doctor a bit to make them less faded looking. Loving the one of me with a quiff at Butlins back in the the 50's looking all too much like the grumpy teenager! The others in the back garden in Basildon are great too and bring back some happy memories, when Basildon was more of a village than the sprawling new town it is now.

Monday, April 03, 2017

Boot At Vagrants

Nice day for a trip to Vagrants boot sale on the cricket ground near Crewe this morning. Archie was keen to buy some things to fill the newly emptied shed up. He found some wood glue, hinges, fasteners, screws etc. Hazel found him a tin box to put stuff in. other bargains included a glass lemon squeezer ( we already have one but it's chipped ), a free biscuit tin, fish lures, a free "Exit" sign, candles and a free black slate. Obviously people were desperate to get rid of all this stuff even to the point of giving it away! I didn't find anything , not even free stuff! I did have a good rummage through several boxes of DVD's and CD's but nothing caught my eye - maybe I'm getting more fussy about what I accumulate in my old age? The main field was off limits due to recent rain so the cars were all along one edge of the field where the punters usually go so not much room for parking. First we were waved away at the gate and some confusion as to where to park - the pub opposite seems to have gone and replaced by some bijou dwellings with wrought iron gates - mini stately homes by Wimpy? After turning round in a rather busy side road we managed to get back onto the cricket ground and found a space quite easily. Phew! We came back via Winsford Football Club where another boot sale was supposed to be happening but the little community hut was deserted 'cept only for a man with a sack and pair of tongs who ignored us as we peered into the gloom and realised it was empty.