Sunday, February 18, 2018

Boot Sale Bargains

Another indoor boot at the Memorial Court today - not many bargains but found a boxed set of Buddy Holly and Crickets ( and Clicks ) for £2 which seemed like a bargain - lots of songs I've never heard of as well as the hits. Hazel got a few bits and bobs including an ostrich egg ( with free goose egg ) for a quid, sewing sets, needles, forks, wrapping paper etc. Afterwards we went to Marbury garden centre to get some rosemary and hanging plants for the hanging basket which looks a bit sad at the moment. Then to Granma and Audrey's to keep at arms length as they have the lurgi. Collected a pile of logs from the tree they had cut down in the front garden.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Monday, February 05, 2018

Busy Sunday

Firstly the indoor boot sale at the Memorial Court - quieter than usual. Got two DVD's and some indelible pens. 3 packets of 3 for £2- but only bought one as not sure if they were working or not. They seem fine so wish I'd bought more. Pens are always useful. Hazel got a few bits and bobs including some overalls for Archie, some toffee tins, first aid tin, 2lb weight, easter egg made from card and bargain of the day - a mortar and pestle for 50p. Chaos and confusion in Aldi afterwards as some dozy bloke bought back an electric toothbrush that wasn't working and the till operator scanned it through thinking he had just bought it. So she had to call for the manager to sort it out - fill in forms etc. Meanwhile, massive queue building up! The manager was pretty hopeless too as instead of taking the man's toothbrush to one side to sort it she just left and the poor till operator had to deal with it - filling more forms whilst we all stood there like lemons. Hazel had enough and stormed out leaving all our purchases on the conveyor belt for the manager to sort out. What a mess! Will never go back to Aldi on a Sunday. Wednesday is much quieter. We went to the co-op instead and got what we wanted in no time. A bit more expensive but worth it. Our arty neighbours Beth and Simon came round for lunch. I'd made a lasagne and salad. Hazel bought the pudding in M&S - tart citroen (lemon tart) with creme fresh? and ice cream. Afterwards we had a silly game of Dixit. Nothing like Brexit thankfully but almost as incomprehensible! Later making pages for latest ISSUE assembling artists book. Rubber stamping the pages and laying them out on Archie's bed to dry.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Indoor Boot Sale

Braved the elements to go to the indoor boot at Memorial Hall. Our neighbour Mark was there on a stall and we bumped into Beth Barlow briefly who was covered in snow. Got a few bargains including a pile of stamp pads, a Tiger Tim annual, books about water works and sewage systems ( lovely old engravings ) a Vimto badge , a skipping rope, a set of old plastic price labels in guineas, etc. etc. Glad to get home in the warm.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Walk To Weaver Hall Museum

Nice slippy walk in the sunshine to the Weaver Hall Museum to pick up some stuff and looks at the latest exhibition of textile art. Not really my cup of tea but appreciate the work that's gone into making those tiny embroideries etc. Slipped and slid round Vickersway Park to see the handsome strutting cockeral and his mate and some budgies etc. in an aviary. Nobody else in there on such a nice day which seemed a shame.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Chester Archive

Nice morning despite losing train ticket. Got to Chester early to have a look around a few favourite shops and then to the Cheshire Archive down by the River Dee. Very friendly and helpful bunch assisting the small group from VAC doing research into various topics. I choose Randolph Caldecott the Victorian children's book illustrator as I was keen to see his correspondence with drawings in the margins. Sadly they only had the one but lovely to look through his sketchbooks and other ephemera. Becky was my "archive buddy" and was very helpful at showing me round and keeping her distance when she could see I was engrossed in looking at pages and ephemera. Caldecott was very prolific and always had a sketchbook about his person to draw the back's of people's heads and bonnets etc. also lots of what looked like shopping lists! Yes, annoying to discover I had lost my return ticket so had to buy another - luckily just enough cash on me to do that but couldn't do more shopping as I'd hoped so back early for late lunch

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Marbury Woods

Nice walk around Marbury Woods this morning looking at the trees and leaves and twigs. Communing with nature. Nice new bench where the old rotten one used to be. Good that this one is straight and not sloping like the one in the Crooked House at Peter Pan's Playground in Southend. Found a new set of steps and gravelly bit with grotto - a limpid pool nearby. Along the mere to observe the swans and ducks etc. A bit nippy but not as bad as the recent chill. Afterwards we went to Granma and Audrey's for coffee and a chat. Sorted some junk they wished to be sent to the charity emporium.